I am making an webpage with asp.net C#.

I want people to log on and enter in quote requests. then the quote request is emailed to all the relevant people to quote (could be 100+ people).

Obviously I can not have the user sit and wait for the 100+ people to be emailed as the webpage will freeze.

I have thought about implementing a backend program on the server. perhapes that checks for a text file or something and when that text file is there. searches the database for any un-emailed quotes. and emails to the relevant people. then marks record as emailed.

But there must be a better way? IS there a que system or something designed to do things like this?

MailMessage Mail = new MailMessage();

Mail.Bcc.Add("email@email.com, email2@email.com...");

does bcc have no limits?
Also will it not get classed as spam if it has hundreds of bcc?

thirdly. (the biggest problem)
I would like to be able to customise it to each person.

Dear <%suppliername%>


Then I would suggest writing a windows service in conjunction with a database.

The other thing you might want to think about is can you put those 100+ emails into a single group and send the email to the group.