I have started my own little site (www.geocities.com/willpull22) i made it with dreamweaver in about an hour. But i wanted to add a forum page(probably wont be added until i get a paid for site.) and i was looking around and saw that most complex forums are made with VBulletin and PHP so i was wondering if anybody knows a good tutorial for this. Or is there a javascipt or something where i can setup a basic forum.

If you want to setup a forum, you most likely cannot run it on geocities.com since they do not support any scripting languages such as PHP.

I would suggest going with another free host, or at least finding a host that supports both PHP and MySQL.

If you would like to install a forum software such as these free ones: www.invisionboard.com www.phpbb.com then you should check their documentation for more installation instructions, they are very detailed and yet simple. They will get you on your way. Arguably the best paid BBS is vBulletin, located at www.vbulletin.com

I hope this has helped you out!

i have switched my site to remnetworks (willpull22.remnetworks.com) and they offer to setup phpbb and invisionboard but after i did i couldnt figure out how to edit them to add forum sections and stuff when i asked if someone new a tutorial i meant more along how to setup a form using php that a complete beginner would understand

I think this is basically the easiest it gets. Maybe you could try ezboard.com if you want a complete, idiot-proof BBS :) I've never used it myself personally but it should be easy to setup.

oops i forgot could you try and spread the word around this goes for anybody who sees this post. A forum is nothing without members and if you have specific field that you are good at i will make you a mod.

never mind before i could not figure out how to config because I could not see the admincontrols link at the bottom. Well here is my very crude forum willpull.remnetworks.com/phpbb

Website seems down to me.