First of all, don't kill if I posted this in the wrong section.

I'm trying to find a decent tutorial for the HTML 5 drag and drop upload.
I have allready searched hours before but could'nt find a decent tutorial.

Basicly what I want is a drag and drop box (a div as example) if I drop it there, the same happens if I selected a file in a normal <input type="file" /> and pressed submit so it goes to a new page where I can process this with my php.

can you guys please help me, I'm have been looking for a long time for this

Grtz Thyvo

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Yeah thats all I can think of... Ensure you have a HTML 5 Capable Browser, like Firefox 4, Google Chrome etc...


and when you program anything in html5
>75% of users will not be able to access it, provide a html4/xHtml compatible alternate method


Firefox 3.6, IE9, Chrome, Opera, Safari, they all suport it
and if you have a browser not suporting it, I have a alternitive normal upload system but I just want to have this on my site.

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