what is going on?

if you scroll down there is an iframe that is pulling in http://naniboujou.com/contact/retreat.php

everything was just fine a couple weeks ago.. no i notice it is pulling in the index page.. i dont know what changed.. wasn't anything on my end...

if you load the iframe up in a separate window... then go back to where it is calling it.. it will load properly... (ie. if you goto http://naniboujou.com/contact/retreat.php , then go to http://naniboujou.com/retreat.php it iwll load ffine.. it used to always load fine.. what has changed, can someone please help me out and tell me what is going on... not well

any alternative to the iframe??

i thought it was ad-blocker plus causing issues.. but i have seen the problem now on other machines with no ad-blocker installed...

thanks again


(ps, the problem is also happening in the job ops (link at the very bottom of the page.. also is pulling in a seperate contact form...)

I had a look at that page in Chrome, IE and Firefox and I didn't see any problem. I also had a look at the Job Ops and it was OK too. If you are having problems on some machines, I guess you'll have to identify what is different between those machines and ones where it works ok.

it is happening again... i thought it was my machine.. but then i was showing a friend the site at church today, and he was using firefox (on a mac)
i have seen this issue on IE, FF, off and on, on different machines.. and cannot figure out what is causing this and why...

included is a screen shot of what is happening

of the broken images.. here is the path to on of the images:

strange, because no where in that form is contact_us.php being used/called

i dont get this at all

thanks for helpin out!

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Try changing your relative image references in the iframe pages to full urls, e.g.

src="nani_title_right.jpg" to src="http://..(fullpath)../nani_title_right.jpg"

I don't understand why you're using an iframe for this though. If they are all your pages, why not use an include file in a div with a set height?

why is it pulling in contact_us.php..?
why is this happening all of a sudden? http://naniboujou.com/retreat.php

it is loading contact_us.php inside..

then goto http://naniboujou.com/contact/retreat.php load the form.. then go back to the first link at the top of this post, and the form then loads correctly...

someone please tell me whats is happening...


It was working fine for me yesterday but initially not today. Then, after a few minutes it seemed to go back to the proper format and everything seemed fine. It looked as if it was displaying a totally different form in the Iframe and the addressing for the graphics made no sense so they all came out as broken. Is there something in your PHP code that chooses what form to display in the IFrame? That would be my first guess because something is happening dynamically (and it seems rather random) and it doesn't make sense based strictly on looking at the resulting screen and html.

When I looked at it again, I see that you have retreat.php as the main page and contact/retreat.php as the contact form. It looks as if these two are mixed up together because when it didn't work it looked as if it was trying to display the one used for the main page within the Iframe (but also as if it was in the contact directory hence the broken links). How it gets to this point is probably tied to your php code (which you haven't posted).

ya.. anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

You need to look at your code. If you can narrow it down and post some code, then someone might be able to help. Otherwise it's guess work.

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Another call for the code pjrey. It doesn't have to be a secret. :)