Hi there guys,

I'm very new to AJAX so i'm not sure if it's possible or there is already something like this available. But i'm looking for some kind of horizontal slider. Not an image slider with arrows or something like that. But more like a timeline which you can slide horizontal trough time. When you go past some kind of bullet (which is a specific year), the content above should change.

This should be done with AJAX. Does anyone know if this is possible, relatively easy and where should i look for?

Many thanks,


I think your best bet is to try a jQuery plugin.

Timeglider - not quote as you describe but may do the job.

Here are some more.

If none of these is suitable, then you could try customising a jquery UI slider.

You could also look at other frameworks. Prototype and Mootools are both well provided with plugins.


Yes, thank you. The Jquery slider is exactly what i'm looking for. The other one seems a little hard to modify.

Do you know how, or if it is possible, to make certain points in that slider that interact with content in a database trough AJAX? So when the slider is at a certain position (like between two points), it shows relevant content.


What you want is certainly possible but would need to be developed.

Try searching the web. You may find that someone has done something similar.


Ok thanks Airshow. If someone here think it's easy and likes to help me out explaining, please contact me. I'll be sure to give you a fee (paypal).