i have a login form after validation
it redirect to other domain what i want if that user is valid then on other domain (website) it should be auto login? can i fire submit button click from my domain to other domain


You can set the 'action' attribute of a form to a page on another site, such as 'http://somesite.com/login.php', if that's what you mean.

i did this , but getting no result

my question is

1 .acctu there is username andd pass fields on other domain
can i fill those fileds and fire submit button click there from my domain?

any other idea will help me

2. if login fails there then capture that error and display in my domain login page?


you must learn something about curl

i did some mistake.....humans nature...
according to twiss , i provide url in action of a form. and also done some chages on form elements put same id name of form element as in other domain exits.
so it's working now.
i have not much idea abut curl .
but if u guide me to achive me my second target ?
then it will good for me.


If you have php manual, than look for curl functions. Its used to access website through your php code. You can also post data and get response from the websites, that you can process on your page.