Could any one please answer these questions , it would be a grate help and thank you.

Q 1: not planing on implimenting this just need the ans to the question. Please help

Q: write a XHTML document that shows the reasult of the color survey. The document should contain a form with radio buttons that allows users to vote for their favorite color. one of the colors should be selected as a default. Then document should also contain a table showing various colors and the corresponding percentages of votes for each color. (Eeach row should be displayed in the color to which it is referring. ) Use attributes to format width, border and cell spacing for the table. use javascript .

Q: 2 :

write an application in Javascriopt that will process students's grades Each student has 4 test grades and you are to compute the average for each sudent. The input will include:

1. student name - string type
2. test grade 1 - integer
3. test grade 2 - integer
4. test grade 3 - integer
5. test grade 4 - integer

In your program, keep a count of the number of students read in. When finish entering grades for each student, compute the average and print in out with all the grades in the row of table.

when finish entering grades for all students, compute the class average at the end of the talbe with appropriate message.

your program should work for any number of students in the class.

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