I just got this script for a countdown on a website and I got it to work locally but when I upload it to the server i get the error "index.html:22 Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'fancycountdown'".

I have checked to make sure all other javascript files are loading and they are and I can't figure out whats wrong. You can see it here: http://con.fwusy.net/countdown/index.html

Anybody know what to do? Thanks

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Firstly, that URL doesn't work.
Secondly, the object that you are using doesn't have the method you are trying to use. The fancycountdown method, doesn't exist (at least not on the object you are using).

Please post code or a working URL if you want more help.

I was working on it and changed the URL by mistake. I also am not using this code anymore so no need to try to fix this. Thanks though.

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