Dear Friend.....

I want to make web site that it want to plugging with facebook.....

In other words,

If i type & submit something,I want to publish in Facebook wall
(if i can publish in selected person's walls its very worth)
it like what the youtube done after some video shared...
I want to add some button for my web & what i want to do after that....

Can you give me some architec(design) for that part....
I make that web site using JSP/Servlet....

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It is sad how people can be lazy or ignorant (any popular service that is accessible to public programatically is likely have some Java API available). This could have been sorted by simple Google search. You would have found immediately facebook-java-api and facebook-java-api examples

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@mali.sandhya2please create new thread instead of hijacking other person question. Your problem description is weak


@ peter -> forget it...he is fresher to this...he will want to more confident...;)

By the way thank for your help for resolve my prob...

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