There will be two users on my site. one is free and other is paid.

So for paid there will be seperate registratoin form having around 20 input fields. Now paid registration is around 97$. i am using 1shopping cart for payment. Now how the registration will work? Will user first fillout the registration form and then redirect to payment site? or first payment then registration form?

Any idea how system will work?


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Depends on your payment processor.

Personally, I'd get all new would-be payers to fill out a form - save that to your DB - with a status id of 0 (= false, meaning unconfirmed)
They then get passed to the payment processor (PP) and make the payment. The PP should then send data back to you which should allow you to change the 0 to 1 (confirmed).

The above is just off the top of my head. Have a look at how PayPal lets you know when a payment has been made. Been a while since I looked into it.