In one of my project there is a textarea for inserting data for users. In that Italics, Bold, Link options are added just like every forum text area. But when user clicks in italics or bold .. and leaves it with out closing then on render view full of my texts in that page shows italics or bold etc.

For eg:

user enters like

" Users comment <li> Hi this is my comment "

On page loads all texts coming under this will became italics ..

Please help me how to solve this ..
Please help

Sorry for my bad English

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the reply and ..

That is the comments section in my web site and users are entering comments .. I cant control every time ......

I think its not practical .. isn't it ?


Parse input and make sure the tags are closed before rendering.


Dont feel badcompare thiswith this
you could disable keyboard entry of enhancements and make the user highlight and click a button like those above the edit screens on DaniWeb

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