I am in the middle of my project but i get stuck here.

I want to make the friends linking process page.Which is upon registration, new user will be redirected to this page to find their friends that have registered on my site.

I try to google it, but i just cannot get the right keyword to find it.
This is the example from facebook that I took :

that is what i am trying to make..please help..
thank you :)

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For every account (email) type you want to be able to access, you'll have to find an API that you can use to get the list of contacts. As for gmail, take a look at: http://code.google.com/apis/contacts/.

ouh...but like facebook (like the one on the picture above) they have the option to find friends from the other email service, thus to make that we are not using any API right?how it is possible to make that?

thanks for answering me just now :)

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