Hi everyone.
I need a shopping cart script that uses PHP and MySQL that can be incorporated into site.
I've already tried the PlainCart and seriously, that script just has too many issues that need to be solved, and I don't have the time. Also making my own is not an option because I really have no time to make it (even though I want to).
Does someone knows a shopping cart script that can be easily incorporated into a site without having too much problems?
I need some simple cart, that just uses pay on delivery, I do not need paypal or credit card.
Like this one:

Well, OsCommerce looks nice. Kind of complicated with a lot of php files going on, but at least it looks nice.

One of its better features is the ease of later having the site in multiple languages. You have a specific area for your output, and once you have, say, the English area complete, you can copy it to a folder called "Fr" and dump the files there, modify them with the French language, and add them in via OsCommerce control panel, and voila! Multi-lingual Site!