Hi everyone, I have a few online stores all based on shopping cart softwares such as Prestoshop, Volusion and Magento. Now I'm realy looking to amped-up and get a shopping cart software that has good marketing tools and recently stumbled upon Izzonet shopping cart that offers integration with somthing like 20 shopping engines like Ebay, Amazon, Google merchant, Shopping.com and a lot more and was wondering if any of you used their tools and have some reviews on their shopping cart or that feature inparticular, I am currently using theit trial version and have another store on the "Silver" package - the shopping engines feature is inactive for the trial or the silver package.

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I know Bigcommerce but did not hear about volusion, Please let me know your feedback after checking it. If you created your store with Izzonet platform most chances you will stick with them. but please give us your feedback on others if you tried them.
Good luck!

choose izzonet :-) they are really good in that

magento shopping cart is good option

Why not do a custom cart and make exactly what you want.

We'll if your looking for a good shopping cart? i think nothing beats magento. Feature rich, flexible, scalable and robust gives you total control over the look and functionality of your store thus provide an unrivaled and rich online shopping experience for their customers, tailored to their unique business needs.

It's depend on the resources that you are going to use for shopping cart, like no. of product, images, product details and other functionality. Based on all these criteria go for finding the ecommerce solution provider and look at what features they are offering in their shopping cart software or you can also customize it according to your requirement.

Custom coded is the best option. You can then get exactly what you like. A good programmer and designer will make the best options.

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