I'm having a weird problem with myphpAdmin and webpage design. I've been having trouble getting my layout to do what I wanted to so finally I hit the net for examples I could tweak and what have you. So I found this example http://www.sebastiansulinski.co.uk/demos/three_column_layout/three_column_layout.php

I used the div layout as a base and stuck in my simply html. Of course things went wonky so I decided to copy the source code directly in my html file and see what was going on.

I've attached a screencap of what I'm seeing with the copied code.

And your question is?

well my question is, it's strange(well that bit is a statement) and does anyone know why it might be occurring?

Why what is occuring? Sorry if I sound strange, but you need to describe your exact problem so it is clear to anyone that can help.

the html/css used for my page does not display correctly in my browser when using phpmyadmin. Just take a look at the image attached vs. the link provided. Its the exact same code but renders differently under localhost then it does on the live website example.

OK, It looks excactly the same to me. The only difference is the position of the copyright notice and some arrow bullets missing on the sidebar menu?

And the center div lay and sidebar layer backgrounds are missing. Its weird, because this was a copy and paste...

Well, as far as I can make out on the live site, the background is a gif file called back.gif and it's colour is white, and that is what I see. On your attached image, I also see the background white, so I see no difference.

But, if you merely copied the live code and pasted it in your local file, it will not show you any image files, like this back.gif, because you need to download that back.gif and put it in the same folder as the html file, and make sure the path to that back.gif is defined correctly in your css code to it's new location.


wow... that's like epic fail on my part. Can we just chalk this up to it being Friday and a very looooong day/ Sorry to waste your time and thanks for the help :D

No, it is not an epic fail on your part and no, you are not wasting anyones time here. Other people will read here and find a solution to their problem that might be the same, and all of us learn something out of it.

Good Luck