anyone got any experience with using the login with fb option??

im thinking of implimenting it into a site of mine but im not sure how it works, the fb documents are terrible and give no knowledge of anythin, and all the tuts are useless!

i kno how it works, im just not sure if i can use it on my site? i have banking/escrow and other stuff like it in my site so im not sure if allowing ppl to login on a fb session is safe?

if anyones used fb login can you giv me some advice plz. is it for full site usage or made for basic image upload type sites where all u need is an email addy to join???

ive read all the useless facebook documents! they look easy...until you try to impliment them!

theres nothing explaining the login process correctly....sure i can add the button to my site...but it doesnt actually do anythin other than display the users name in the corner!

how am i supposed to get the fb login to work with my database? to actually log ina user to my site?

theres no point my site tellin someone theyre logged in with facebook if theyre not, and cant actually do anythin!

If you really want to implement this, be a bit more specific. What did you try, what didn't work, etc.

i dont know how i can be any more specific than this....
i dont understand how im supposed to get the facebook login to work with my database??

i havent tried anythin yet as there is no documentation on how to work the login button with a db!!

thanks for those....but they dont really explain anythin apart from authenticating your app with facebooks login....

how exactly do i get the facebook login to work with my websites login??
i understand facebook creates a session and pretends its logged in....but i need this fb login to access my database and login the correct user!

my website logs in with .... username - password!
facebook uses email - password
how am i supposed to use the fb login with my login??

or am i missing the whole point?

Yes, you are :)

Facebook login signs in a user with his/her facebook account. If you want that, use it. If not, use your own login thing.

i own a freelance jobsite... users sign up , post jobs, and bid for work..theres banking features on there, users have to be signed in to do anythin!

so is this facebook login no good for me?

because i see no way how i can link a users account to a facebook account to validate a sign in??

ive noticed a few "login using facebook" sites are just image file sites or blog is this really all the fb login is good for? sites where your not really doing anythin that carrys any details?
because for my site i cant just allow facebook to pretend its logged in cuz everythin needs to be done from inside a real user account.

You can, in fact, store data connected to a specific user that logged onto your site using Facebook, but that's only valuable if you think that more people will use your site if they can just use their Facebook account and don't have to create a new one - or if you want to interact with their Facebook account - updating statuses, post on the walls of friends, etcetera. In your case I think it has no value using it, what you could do is implementing the Like button on pages or something like that (if that's more like what you want):

no im not looking to install like buttons...i just thought adding a facebook login would attract more ppl...but it seems the fb login is no good for me at all!

thanks for your help!

i just found a site similar to mine that has the fb login i clicked it...and it took me to a signup page or link to existing account...

sooooo im assuming how this would work is either it will create a cookie to store the linked data, or the required info goes into a db!!

there might be a way i can use it after gonna work on a few ideas i have!
thanks again for your help

Okay, no problem.

developers page has new all the gadgets for a simple implementation