I've developed a few ASP.NET applications in the past, develop C# windows apps all the time, but am just now developing my first ASP.NET 2.0 app. I'm having a nightmare getting a database connected.

Everything is on my local machine, including

Visual Studio 2005 Professional
Latest .NET Framework 2.0
sqlexpress 2005

I've managed to create my database, tables, sprocs, etc. with VS2005.

My ASP.NET 2.0 app has a "SqlDataSource" control, with proper connection strings, etc. (The "test" button on the wizard runs the stored procedure, getting the correct results). This DataSource is bound to a dropdownlist. Everything is fine until I debug or run the app.

Then I get the standard "Error connecting to database... login failed for user XXXX\ASPNET".

Now, in any other database, I'd simply grant the appropriate rights for the stored procedures to the ASPNET user.

However, I can discover no way to do that with SqlExpress2005. Any ideas?

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I seem to remember having a similar problem recently developing some personal stuff at home. i am at work now but will check when I get home and see if I can find what I did.
I'm assuming you already tried

grant exec on stored_procedure_name to aspnet

Yes, I have a permissioning script I can use, or I can add the "grant" clause to each CREATE... that will solve the specific issue (and has). So let me rephrase the question:

Where, using VS2005 and SqlExpress2005, is the "widget", wizard, menu, button, etc. for assigning permissions? It seems to me that the VS2005 DB Interface is missing some crucial elements.

BTW, you do a great job answering questions here. Keep up the good work, it's appreciated.

ahh. In that case, i have no idea. I generally hate the VS interface with databases. I always do database maintenance, creation, etc directly through SQL.

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