I know that php is same like HTML. I have the codings. But wondering how to execute it...? I use Dreamweaver but in vain.. i get no result.. some body pls help me.. It asks me to set a server for it. Though i set, no result obtained...!

Did you install PHP on your computer or have web hosting that offers PHP hosting?

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I know that php is same like HTML

You think?

PHP is not same like HTML. PHP is server-side and HTML is for client (browser). HTML doesn't need to compile or interpret on the server. It's only interpret by the browser.
Unlike HTML, PHP needs PHP engine which was installed on your web-server that interpret the PHP codes which are delimited by '<?php ?>'.
Find more details here. You can also download the latest PHP version from this site.
Hope this help.

another reason to avoid dreamweaver

Why :?: ?

@Zero13 Tanx 4 ur info. And if i do download the soft frm ur link will i be able to preview my files without uploading to my host..? Now I use wamp server. But its difficult for me to change the file name everytime to index to check if my php code works.. :( Thanks for ur reply.. 8)

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I have to say the new Dreamweaver CS5.5 is pretty good. I used to feel ashamed of my old MX2004 as everybody said how rubbish it was. So I started using Aptana, Notepad++ and a few others. DW5.5 has changed my mind again. The code highlighting and hinting are a joy. It even hints on parameters in custom functions. It has a real-time coding debugger (OK it's not infallible) - I couldn't imagine doing without it now. No more unpaired braces, brackets and missing ;

Mind you I got for free use licence from work. I don't know if I'd pay the extortionate price tag though.