suppose i have a page like:

name | id |
mark | 0253 edit
jack | 205 | edit

[U when i am in edit form of this page:[/U]

name : mark
id : 0253
school : Divine international


stick (edit) (del)
gloves (edit) (del)

**** I need to edit/delete the COSTUMES like i wanna delete 'stick' from the list or I want to Edit 'gloves' to 'red gloves' .

there is a table in database named EMPLOYEE, THINGS
how can i do that? Opening a new PHP page and editing that one, IF I SUBMIT it, how can I 'refresh' the OPENED EDIT PAGE with the recently updated data of 'things'?

specify the columns and datatype in each table so that i can explain you the exact thing you require....otherwise my solution may not be of use....

When you edit mark then you are passing its id 0253 to edit page.
Now again you want to edit 'stick' then pass mark id(0253) and stick id so when you update 'stick' you can back to last page using mark's id.