I'm working on one php project without using framework and I want to form nice urls without tons of get parameters and ? and & characters. I know this could be solved in zend using controllers and actions and I'm looking for somerhing simillar.

On my site, I have faculties, now when somebody open one faculty to see information, it should be mysite.com/faculty.php?id=6 for example, and then faculty with id=6 is shown.
I'd like this url to be mysite.com/faculties/faculty_name (for example). Also, when user opens list of faculties, url should be mysite.com/faculties indstead of mysite.com/faculties.php. Is only way I can do this by putting special folder faculties and index.php to show all faculties. And maybe when someone opens one faculty, it should be
mysite.com/faculties?ref=6 for faculty with id 6. This is much better than faculty.php?id=6.

How can I do this best, with less code and less folders?

Thanks in advance,


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You can do this by htaccess.
This is a file named '.htaccess' which you have to put at root of your required project.
You have to write rules in htaccess to generate url.

Visit http://www.generateit.net/mod-rewrite/ to generate simple rules.

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Thank you for your answers.
I found a great tutorial about this topic on


But how can I handle more get parameters in query string using nice url. How can I know which parameter is for example cost etc. For example, I want to buy a house and search for them. Search parameters can be: cost, garage, city, number of rooms etc. Now if I want houses that have a garage in London nice url should be

www.mysite.com/houses/city/London/garage/yes which means

Is this best way to solve this?

Thanks again for your answers.

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