please help. i want pass variables from a php form to an online shopping payment systems

this is the url i have Pricing=<?php echo"$price";?>"
the url links the php form to the but it doesn't transfer the price.
how can i modify the code to transfer the price obtained from the php form

Hard to tell if you do not show your code. Most likely $price does not get a value.

I think so you are expecting something like this:-
So to read this URL you have touse it in this way:-

<? echo $_GET['thread']?>

Hope this is clear....

Not sure if it is a typo in your post but you URL isn't sending the price - it finishes at &Variable and also the $price variable should not be in speech marks. If this isn't a typo (I am not sure what value should be attached to Variable so I have removed for now) you should have<?php echo $price;?>"

thanks alot Junior Poster finally it has worked