Hi.Im working on an ASP.NET website.In this application there are some local functions and a call to an external C# exe.Every thing works fine if I use a msgbox control before this form redirects to the output page.If I dont use this msgbox before redirecting, the output is different than expected.

More Info:-This C# exe creates a .txt file in a folder and the redirected page just reads that txt file.

Question why the output is different with and without using just a msgbox.


What do you mean by msgbox control?. There is no msgbox control in asp.net. There is aMessageBox class available in C# which displays a message box that can only be used with Windows Forms applications. It cannot be used with web application.

Please provide more details.

Also if the redirected page reads the content of the text file which is created by the C# exe, you should redirect to that page only after the text file is created by the exe ie., after the execution of the exe is completed. For this, you can useSystem.Diagnostics.Process class to run the c# exe and redirect to the aspx page in the Process.Exited event which occurs when a process exited/completed.

Sorry for confusion.IT is ASP.NET website using VB as language.