hi, am working on a php site, i need a functionality where titles of last four posts would show up, i know how to get last four titles. but dont know how to make them blink one by one on same place,like i have four titles name A B C D, first [A] then A should disappear and B will take place of A i.e. . hope i made myself clear, please help if anybody know how to do it?
its like text flashing up in rss feed, your last 5 or 6 posts show up one by one.

Something like this?

(function() {
  var current = 0;
  var textElems = document.getElementById('container').getElementsByTagName('div');
  setInterval(function() {
    current = current < 3 ? current + 1 : 0;
    for(var i in textElems)
      textElems[i].style.display = i == current ? 'block' : 'none';
  }, 500);

Not tested, perhaps I forgot something.

@twiss : thanks alot for this promt reply, visit this link http://lafenzer.com/vTest.php
you will see like this

This is Post A (Blinking)
This is Post B
This is Post C

i want it should all work in a loop as if A disappears B should comes at its place then c, all in one line. ?

ok its like this, i have 3 images but place of only one image , so what i want that all three images should show up one by one at same place, hope its clear now, m not so good at java-script etc, so please if anybody can provide a proper code, please, thanks

Erm, perhaps try the code I posted? You can also replace div with img on line 3.

basicaly do a dellay of the display block and none to some divs