Hi guys. I have a website that is meant for showing pictures. Right now, it's set up so that I have to make a new webpage and manually configure every picture (size, location etc) exactly how I want it. Here's what I mean: (example)

There is a frame on the page, and every time you click a thumbnail on the bottom, a new webpage loads in the frame. As you can imagine, creating this is very tedious.

My question is: How do I load an image into an SWF (CENTERED - very important, for both landscape and portrait pictures) and then scale the picture based on the current width and height of the SWF? I also want to make it so that the user can click on the picture in the SWF to see the actual image [in actual size].

I tried using Javascript but since I couldn't center both landscape and portrait pictures, it wasn't a great solution.

Most browsers don't like to rescale if they don't have to. Instead, they will leave the object as large as the largest thing that has used it so far.

A few tips:

- Choose a more entrenched image format (e.g. .jpg). Newer formats are harder to get to work the way you want them to.

- You may have to make a separate page for each image to get this to work the way you want it to.

- Centering used to be easy. It is now one of the hardest things to do reliably in web page design.

Alright, can someone AT LEAST tell me how to tell the SWF to load the image??

Why are you insisting on using a proprietary system? It requires the user reading the page to have the software.

Use standard file formats. Be compatible!