I need to maintain this asp.net web application. I have 1 month of experience in asp.net C#. This portion of the web application using technology LINQ to SQL and Ajax. This seems to be a simple change, but could not get it to work so far. I need to show additional fields from the join query to the website. So I added new fields and new texFields.

I have a few basic questions for most of you.

Do I need to recompile any of the changed files into dll/library? if so, how do I do that?

Do I need to recompile the whole site? I did (F5), but not working so far.

Please advice, thank you.

Below is my code.

public List<UserProperties> getLINQSearchUsers(string firstName, string lastName, string title)
            var resultUsers = (from usrs in contextSM.GetTable<tbl_User>()
                           join sectn in contextSM.GetTable<tbl_Section>()
                           on usrs.SectionID equals sectn.ID
                           join comp in contextSM.GetTable<tbl_Company>()
                           on usrs.CompanyID equals comp.ID
                           where usrs.FirstName.Contains(firstName) && usrs.LastName.Contains(lastName)
                           && usrs.Title.Contains(title)
                           select new UserProperties
                               UserID = usrs.ID,
                               FirstName = usrs.FirstName,
                               LastName = usrs.LastName,
                               EDIPI = usrs.EDIPI,
                               Email = usrs.EMail,
                               Title = usrs.Title,
                               Disabled = usrs.Disabled,   //add new field
                               SectionName = sectn.Name,   //add new join field
                               SectionID = sectn.ID,
                               CompanyName = comp.Name,    //add new join field
                               CompanyID = comp.ID,

if you change your references or you make a change in the code then one rebuild is sufficient which
updates dll. all you need to copy your dll to staging or production server.

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