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I have some difficulty with my 'select'

In my select/menu, I display all the options come from a table (table_db_email) in my database

In this table (tb_code_prmtn11_email) I have two field :

It works here is a code

<select name="email_adress_menu" id="email_adress_menu"  class="valid"  onchange="submit()">
            echo "<option selected=\"selected\" value=''>Choose your name</option>"; 

			$req_email_adress_menu =   " select DISTINCT id_email, fld_name_email, fld_adresse_email FROM $table_db_email ORDER BY fld_name_email ";
			$rep_email_adress_menu =  mysql_query($req_email_adress_menu, $cnx) or die( mysql_error() ) ;
            while($show_email_adress_menu = mysql_fetch_assoc($rep_email_adress_menu)) {
				echo '<option value="'.$show_email_adress_menu['id_email'].'"';
									//if($primes==$show_email_adress_menu['fld_name_email']){echo " selected";} //display to select an option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
									echo '>'.$show_email_adress_menu['fld_name_email'].'  - '.$show_email_adress_menu['fld_adresse_email'].'</option>';


I have some other information come from another table : tb_code_prmtn11 (containing information about people)
I have a few fields :
( FOREIGN KEY (`fld_email_id`) REFERENCES `tb_code_prmtn11_email` (`id_email`) ON DELETE NO ACTION ON UPDATE CASCADE;)

I want to put this menu on another Web page and this select must display all of the options as below( with) BY SELECTING THE OPTION THAT MATCHES THE INFORMATION FOUND IN THE SECOND TABLE : tb_code_prmtn11

How can I do this ?

I know how I can make to my request :

here is a code MySql :

SELECT td.id_resultat,td.fld_email_id,email.fld_name_email
FROM $table_db td 
INNER JOIN $table_db_email email
ON td.fld_email_id = email.id_email 
WHERE td.id_resultat=$id

This code works also but I don't know how I can include this second query in my menu... Can you help me please
have a nice day

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