Hi folks,

I have an existing shopping cart for a print company that allows users to proof labels select qty and send them to a cart. We'd get an email and we'd contact the client for an over the phone payment.

We want to use Paypal and I'm curious if anyone has had experience with it?

Currently a user can select multple items to add to the cart, is it possible for paypal to accept that last total payment, do it's thing and redirect the user back to our website with their order receipt?

So far, the site does everything as I mentioned above, but we'd like to intergrate paypal to handle that total amount payment.

Any advice or help would be great


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I did exactly that in the past for a sports registration system. It allowed multiple players to be registered and as the final step it went to paypal for the total payment. In the description line, I included the names of all of those being registered for the single payment and my reference number. I built this myself using Paypal IPN but since that time I discovered a class that does the same thing and takes away the need to re-invent that wheel. You can link to it for a download from here.

Cheers guys, I'll check it out and I'll let you know how I go.

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