Hi i just created a website for my church and the IE 9 is displaying it wrong.. Can some1 plz take a look at it and get back with me on why its doing that? www.lgm70.org

When i looked at it in IE 8 it shows everything that I created using the CSS but in IE9 it didnt have any CSS in it...

Thanks in advance for the help!

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I don't have IE9 on this machine, but I have looked at it briefly, and there are some very nice developer tools in IE 9 that can help you to debug your site. Click on the little gear wheel tools icon, I think at the top right of the window.


This is a PHP issue right? Not CSS or JS?


Yeah its PHP and CSS layout =D

When my pastor looked at the site, his site was just a plain layout without the CSS layot.. So i thoought i had coded it wrong or somthing...

But thx so much for taking a look at it for me...

@NetSite I will take a look at the tool ^_^


That's one hell of a tag line you got there - 'Youth on fire for God'. Do they douse themselves in gasoline?


As an atheist, I don't much go for that sort of thing, but everybody to their own. It looks good - particularly like the wraparound titles at the side. Green is nice.

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