Hi i'm new here and with php and I want to ask for some help regarding my order form.

Here is my existing code.

Basically what it does in the form is you fill the item(text field) with the number of orders you want (1,2,3 etc.)
What I wanted to do is to have the "filled up" orders sent to me and not everything. So for example
the customer only filled the text field for food1, then its the only order that will be sent in my email.

Any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated. I'm also open if you know a better code than mine. Thanks!

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Hi thanks for your reply. Yes there's no error in the code. I just want to revised it in a way that only those ordered items are the only ones that will appear in the email and not the whole items. Because right now the email looks something like this when someone orders food1




food1 1

I want it to appear that only food1 are on the email since food2 wasnt ordered. I actually have 70+ food in my order form, thats why I only want those ordered items to be email and not everything.


Post your code here inside [ CODE ] tags as opposed to leaving an image url.

only choose the ones in the loop that have a value > 0.

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