after typing in the "Your message:" field and clicking the "Send e-mail", my page refreshes and gives me the error message "Your message field is required." it's as if what i'm typing in the message field gets discarded. also if i type something in "Send to:" and "Subject:" fields and click "Clear form", whatever i typed in gets cleared but what's been typed in the "Your message:" field is still there. it's as if this field doesn't exist.

also another issue this might be totally irrelevant but if i set a default value for "Your message:" in admin/settings/print/email/strings it shows up in the "Your message:" field and if i click "Send e-mail" the form submits but the page that follows is not the Thank You page, instead it takes me to the page where i clicked "Send to friend", and i'm not getting any emails in my email.

i'm using module v is there some hidden setup I don't know about, or is this broken in this version?