I have all the syntactical knowledge of php and I'm currently learning Ajax.I need to work on some project so as to enhance my knowledge and apply what I've learned so far.Knidly suggest as to how can I do that ?Will i need to buy a domain for this?

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No need to buy domain. Just download XAMPP(free download) and install in your system. It act as your local server.


You can work on several php editors like wamp server,xampp server,....
No need to buy domain until you need it for some specific purpose...For learning it's not required....


Well yes, i have xamp on my pc .I work on ubuntu and I already have developed registration forms and like php scripts.But I want to learn more,Develop dynamic webpages and all. can anyone help?


Do it on localhost first.

For ajax, you need javascript. jQuery will help with this, but I would recommend you get up to speed on basic js in the first instance.

Work it as a progressive enhancement, that is, make sure your site works even when js turned off.

For building php skills, go OOP.

For productivity, try using a templating engine, like RainTPL or Smarty.

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