I know this topic isnt directly related to PHP however I understand many users in this forum may understand something further about this question. I have a webcam in a nightclub and I want to stream this live onto a webpage.
This is probably very easy however i'd like the sound to stream directly from the sound system in the club so you get a crisp sound and not the one out the speakers (plus croud noise).

If anyone could share any information on how this would be done i'd be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance

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I used selfcast.com a year ago. Worked well then.

ustream also have something but haven't tried that.


am using camstreams.com, some of the price in the pricey ones is for setup assistance, we didnt need it it was easy
for audio its a matter of a cable from line out on the mix board to line in on the sound card, and choose a stream format
we stream sound and vision separately,
the streams are click to start, not onload, page load delays p__ people off
- have several live cams running, on various sites
and an aggregated view of them all selectable on my ad page, the user can click between them, with separate sound the sound continues when the views are swapped, makes the changes appear seamless
low speed users can just stream sound or video for lower bandwidth


Hi, thankyou for all the info.
Would you be able to tell me anything into upload speed required.
What kind of speed will I be needed to produce a fair quality video and crisp audio stream to my website from my laptop.



I used the wizard on install, audio is 32k 16k selectable by user
video is 256K for a 640*400px image at 15frames/sec

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