My professor gave us a sem-long project, before he introduce us php..

so here it goes

create a dynamic website with the following situation

1. there will be an existing database,
the database contains the following
a. student name
b. student id no.
c. address
d. other personal info

2. instead of having a FULL registration, your website will do this
a. ask for the last name of the student or student number
if the last name exist, it will display the name of the students who has the same last name,
the user will need to select his name, after selecting his name, he will be forwarded to the registration form..
all fields are now filled up because, the website already has a record of him, so what he needs to do is to click submit to verify the account...

hmmm, that'll be the first part of the problem..
can anyone help me..

i'll be more than willing to wait for your answer, thank you!

1. Create a table with student id no. as primary key; this will be easier with PhPMyAdmin.
2. Then make a html page (index.htm) containing a from asking for users last name and direct it to a php page (say students.php) where the students name will be fetched from the database. be continued (if 1 & 2 are understood)

i can understand and work on that..thanks!

then continued...
3. the student name should be hyperlinked to another php page (say form.php) where students will find the "already" filled form, the code should look like this;

print '<a href= "form.php/?stdname=$stdselected"> $student </a>';

this will direct user to the from.php with it comes his name which can be accessed through $_GET[stdname]

4. @ form.php you can SELECT-query the specific user then you make a form and fill them in.

sorry for the late reply, does this have a continuation?
well if there is none, thank you very much..

one more thing,

can you code me a very simple example of that, so i can have a look,
i understand it better when it is done, and i try to edit it..

it doesnt need to be complex, just show me there, a verification form, and registration form..

its up to you, thank you very much...
oops, with a db please, thanks!

solved..i found bbpress plugin, and wp-phpbb bridge..