I belong to a forum on forumer.com. Recently, we had a member sign up (it's a support group for parents of premature babies) using STOLEN pictures from other members' websites and this new member was trying to pass these babies off as her own. Although it is NOT against forumers terms of use to give out IP addresses, the board admin will not. She keeps saying that she is not allowed to. (The parents of the babies whose pictures were stolen want the IP address so that they can block this nut from their babies' websites).

A few of us suspect someone who did this, and we have this persons IP address b/c she signed my daughter's guestbook and that website tracks IP addresses and allows me to see them. I want to know if there is someplace on the net that I can go to find out if this persons IP addy matches the fraudulent member on the preemie board. I've looked up the IP address and it tells me the Internet provider, location and all that stuff. But I need to know if I can find out specifically if this IP address was the one used to create the fake website with the stolen pics on it. Please help if you can. I hope that my question is in the proper place and that I'm being clear. I'm pretty new to this stuff. I appreciate any help in advance. Thank you.


Several problems you may enconter:
* she's on dial up and her IP changes everytime she connects
* she's on adsl and her IP changes occassionally

I'd have to wonder that the board admin isn't chasing this - it sounds like you have either a con artist or a disturbed individual on your hands and it needs to be handled appropriately.

You won't be able to find any stats on the fake website - your only hope would be that there is some sort of web stats on it and you "might" be able to get info on the most frequent visitors (likely to be the site owner).

Good luck

If this is a large enough concern, contact law enforcement. Trying to play "internet investigator" on your own is a fruitless and frustrating task. Turn over what you've discovered to the police, and they can determine if a crime has been committed or if anyone is in imminent danger, and they'll have the resources to pursue the matter properly.

If this is a large enough concern, contact law enforcement....

Agreed. This is, if anything, a matter for the forum's owners and/or law enforcement officials to pursue.
Given that, and the fact that the question itself is quite off-topic for this particular forum, this thread has been closed.