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I am Karan Patel from India.I am presently a Computer Engineering student.I am in my 5th semester. I want to develop an application in PHP.So will you please guide my all the required knowledge to do that? I have knowledge of HTML,CSS,Javascript and Joomla CMS. So what should I learn next? Please do reply me.Thanks.

It seems that learning PHP would be the next step. There are lots of online tutorials and examples. Try W3schools.com or do a search for tutorials. You will need to download and install a development environment that includes Linus, Apache, PHP and MySQl. More info on that here.

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AS mentioned. Download a PHP, MySQL, Apache - can be bundled in WAMP, XAMPP and others.
I recommend getting an up to date book on PHP5+ from a reputable publisher. Wrox, O'Reilly and Apress have served me well in the past. Online tutorials are all well and good, but they don't tend to be peer-reviewed as are books. Indeed, even the much-recommended W3Schools site has many errors.

So, a beginner's guide (book) on PHP (and MySQL) would be a good place to start. In addition, Chris mentions a good IDE. If you don't have one or access to educational deals (e.g. Macromedia); I have found Notepad++ and Aptana very useful, although many also like Eclipse.