Hello every body; i hope you all are fine, i need help on my project where i got stuck;

i have a page where user browse and then upload the swf file, i want to extract all the existing images from that swf file when user click on upload button.....
Any Suggestions or Solutions

Much obliged

Advance Thanks

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buddy i shall be very thankful to you if you guide me how to use this...



swftools is free software for all major OSs. Using Windows or Mac you can get a precompiled package there. Under Linux, most distributions have swftools already in there repositories. I installed that long ago on all three platforms, and as far as I can remember it wasn't complicated at all.

Having installed that you can use that software via command-line (eg. cmd.exe under Win). Then have a look how the programmes are used. It will be something like

swfextract -o myimages swffile.swf

. Just fiddle around a bit (it's fun).

You can then use what ever arguments you figured out in PHP via the command



This all may sound a bit spooky at first, but it's not really rocket-sience. And if you need help, feel free to ask again (or even write a PM - as I'm currently quite stressed).

Hope I could help you now, dude.

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