Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of doing a website that does horse race winning prediction based on previous winnings of a horse. Where do i start? and can anyone help me in integrating neural network or by use of probability into a php website how does it work? any tutorials that will help?
thanks eve.

Hello Kavatae,
Welcome to DaniWeb! Glad to see you came here first!

What your asking for is going to be hard, and it may cause some brainstorming issues. The first thing you need to think about is do you want to show statistics of a horse or do you want to flat out tell them who you think will win.

The second thing you need to think about is do you want the data stored in xml, mysql, or another type for database. How do you want to store the information?

The fourth thing you need to think about is do you want to make this a dynamic site that updates the data using another site, or do you want to do it by hand?

The final thing you need to think about, hiring a developer. Are you skilled enough to work with dynamic php, cURL, html, css, and databases? Or do you want to hire a developer?

My suggestion is having a dynamic website that displays database data from a mysql database. Then having it either auto-update with cURL screen scraping from another website and inserting the data into the mysql database, or having a simple html form that will insert the data into the mysql databse. This will call for you getting the winning horse information and entering it by hand every race.

EDIT: If you want to code the website by yourself. Checkout this site, http://syntax.cwarn23.net/PHP it has some great tutorials. You can thank cwarn23 for it, he's the one that made it