I am new to asp.net and need some help with this error below. Ofcourse it will be obvious like i didnt correctly used the right tag. But still need help with this...


Compiler Error Message: CS1061: 'ASP.lidworden_aspx' does not contain a definition for 'vNaam_TextChanged' and no extension method 'vNaam_TextChanged' accepting a first argument of type 'ASP.lidworden_aspx' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Source Error:

Line 29: &nbsp;</td>
Line 30: <td>
Line 31: <asp:TextBox ID="vNaam" runat="server" ontextchanged="vNaam_TextChanged"></asp:TextBox>
Line 32: <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" runat="server"
Line 33: ErrorMessage="*"></asp:RequiredFieldValidator>

Source File: c:\Users\Spacelama\Desktop\program\visitekaatjes\Lidworden.aspx Line: 31

You normally see that error when you have included a method to handle the ontextchanged
in the code behind. You have ontextchanged="vNaam_TextChanged" but haven't got code specified to handle that event.