I have a simple php script that starts sessions. On every page, I include :

//The rest of the page
die("Not logged in");

I always include the session start and always regenerate the session id after <?php. The code works fine withevery browser except for a certain version of Internet Explorer 8. Even though the browser does enable cookies, it doesn`t seem to allow the ones in my script. In fact, every time I change page, it ives the error message "Not logged in". I have tried it on two different compters with the exact same version of IE and the result was the same.

Thank you for your time!

are you registering the session first somewhere?
create a file, insert this code, then view it in your browser:


echo"Session registered. Please mark this <a href='http://www.daniweb.com/web-development/php/threads/378222'>thread as solved,</a> and upvote my comment too, cheers";
echo "session not registered. go back to <a href='http://www.daniweb.com/web-development/php/threads/378222'>Daniweb Forum</a>";

@thepales, @gotboots, wrap your codes with CODE tag.

session_register() is deprecated on PHP 5. Are you sure that you've session_start() at the beginning of every pages.

I do not know what is the problem with IE8 in concrete but when you deal wiht sessins in PHP you need a few things to be present..

session_start(); // Starts session; Old if cookie/PHPSESSID present; New if nothing present;
$_SESSION[]; // To set/get any info like userid; name; etc.