hello every one.....

i know that you may laugh at this but it is happening with me...

i have a domain called lightc.com and the problem i'm facing that some users ( not all ) just few of them are telling me that they are just asking for lightc.com and then they are logged in without asking for their username and password and the problem is they'd been redirected to accounts which are not for them it's like hacking but i don't know what to say you know.. imagine your self asking for facebook.com and then you are in someones account.... how could that happen and how to solve it ...... please help SOS

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Better create a script to destroy unnecessary $_SESSION and $_COOKIES of your website. Then it might cleanup unnecessary sessions which exists on user browsers.


Might be you are not handling the SESSIONS properly or you are not authenticating user in the correct way....
We can only help if you showup your code...


it's not a session problem cuz i'm sure about the session writing code more than 100%
aw thank you both

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