Here is what I want to do:
I already have a php login system and I want to integrate a private messaging system into it.
Does anyone have any recommendations of Private Messaging scripts?

Thanks so much,

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I was working with PM about 3 times :) firs time I was upgrading and 2 other times i made them by my self to reflect my need.

What complexity PM do you need? Just see them when open your PM imbox page, with auto deleting opened ones after 30 days or so? By the way it depends from your login data base, and login script.

And how good do you know PHP and SQL?

I know php and mysql well enough i know how to edit it. For the pm i need:
Able to delete and reply to messages, also messages need a subject.

My Login system is in php and mysql.
Have a database and know how to use one.


I have one PM in one wap game for mobile phones, but the problem is, that it's writen in Lithuanian, not english and has few game functiions inserted in it, so I don't know how much of a use it would be for you. If I'll have time on weekend, I can try to cut it up and to put it in one file and make some translations.
But it may have bugs, because the game is not released. PM had functions like inbox, write, delete and i don't remember, but it might have outbox, foreword, inbox wault for storing important messages, auto delete read mails after 30 days or so.

Awesome, thats a lot.

Awesome, thanks a lot (last post had a misspell "thats" instead of "thanks")

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DB structure most impt:

easy setup:

datetime_sent [integer timestamp]
status [bit 1,2,4,8 etc]

the status field can allow sender and recipient to have different status, eg.

status_sender [0] = draft (not sent to anybody)
status_sender [1] = sent
status_sender [2] = protected - can't delete without extra confirmation
status_sender [4] = deleted from sent box
status_recipient [8] = unread/inbox
status_recipient [16] = read/inbox
status_recipient [32] = read/archive
status_recipient [64] = deleted
status_receipient [128] = replied/forwarded


so a value of 146 = 2 [sender protected] + 16 [rec. read] + 128 [rec. replied]

this could help when applying different rights like check to see if recipient has read your message.

hi, just wondering if code was ever published here for the private messages?

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