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Is it possible to edit the values (say, admin logon/password) in a config file (say, config.php) WITHOUT editing the php script config.php??

In other words, can I write another file (configeditor.php) that will alter the values (or just SOME) based on data entered into in a form??

To do this would I have to use the set function?


Check out:

Tough keep in mind that this is really insecure. To improve the security, you can move the config.php out of the web server root or place it in a password protected directory.

Its easier to do if you have every variable in the config file saved in an array.


$myConfig = array();
$myConfig['db_user'] = 'username'; 

// etc...

This allows you to iterate through each value in the $myConfig array and not through the values retrieved via HTTP...



$config_str = "\$myConfig = array();\r\n"; // note you have to escape the $ character with \ so php treats it as a string literal instead of a variable designator.. 

foreach($myConfig as $key=>$val) {

$new_val = false;

if (isset($_REQUEST[$key])) {
// you know you have a value from HTTP to ovewrite the old one..
$new_val = $_REQUEST[$key];
} else {
// you should use the old value
$new_val = $myConfig[$key];

// you'll be creating a string representation of the PHP code to write to your config file here... 
$config_str = "\$myConfig[{$key}] = '{$new_val}'; \r\n";


// write your new config string to the config file

if ($fp = fopen('/path/to/config.php', 'w')) {
fwrite($fp, $config_str, strlen($config_str));
} else {
echo 'Config file unwritable... '; // have to chmod

usually, you'd want to check the original data type of the config value and cast this type to the value retrieved via HTTP, as data from HTTP always has a type of string for single values.. (I think)..
This way you can preserver boolean, int and floats.. etc.