hello I am asking if someone can be kind and make who is next live scipit for me please I will be greatfully with any ideas or tips

a friend of my owner of a radio station called liverbird radio


On Time bases you can display the Show Name and Show Details

how can i do this please?

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Let me get this right. You want somebody to write a script for you? How much $$?

ok im confuse do you change to make a scipit thats my frist qustion?

2nd qustion is im got a live dj scipt but we looking for a scipt who is next maybe taken from the time time table on the website on the index page

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I realise that English may not be your first language, but your last post doesn't make much sense (too me at least).

im asking for some help all i am asking you to do is to start a scipt so i have a idia what to do please help


try to get $today = current date and time,

check db time and $today, if both are equal you have display the related show details

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OK, the point of this forum in the main is to help you with your code. If you don't have any code, it's difficult to know exactly what you're trying to do.
If you read the forum guidelines, you'll get the gist that we don't write scripts for you. We could give you pointers and maybe suggest techniques or approaches to the problem.

I suggest that you give a reasonably detailed outline of the problem, including what databases, files and interactions you have or need. Stating that you have a live dj system is not enough.

Indeed, as @ardav mentioned, we don't write any scripts for individual person with fees. We are contributing this forum, and help each other and sharing the techniques.

Try yourself what you want. If there is some problem you get, come here and ask help with your bugs (I want this code to do bla..bla..).

Anyway, there is some freelancers who can do for you. You can hire them with appropriate fees. You can find them with google.

ok if i have a dj time table on the website how can i put it on the website saying that person is next? with try to get $today = current date and time,

check db time and $today, if both are equal you have display the related show details or what ever or can you do me a fav just do 3 to 4 lines of show names ect plzzzzzzzz

im got this from a friend but im test it on my server and it will not work

<div id = "dj"></div>

<script type = "text/javascript">
var show = "No show scheduled at present";
var now = new Date();
var dy = now.getDay(); // day of week 0-6
var hh = now.getHours();

// Tip - for testing purposes you can put here
//dy = 6;
//hh = 18;
// or whatever to check that the right show appears at that day/time.

if (dy >=1 && dy <=6) { // days in Javascript are 0 Sunday - 6 Saturday
if (hh >=5 && hh <= 9) {show = "The Tom Joyner Morning Show"}
if (hh >=9 && hh <= 14) {show = "Carl T"}

if (dy >=1 && dy <=5) {
if (hh >=14 && hh <=18) {show ="Tommy C"}

if (dy >= 1 && dy <=4) {
if (hh >=18 && hh <= 23) {show = "Keith Sweat"}

if (dy == 5) {
if (hh >=18 && hh <= 22) {show = "G.L.Haywood (House Party)"}

if (dy == 6) { // Saturday Note the two = signs to mean equals
if (hh >= 6 && hh <= 8) {show = "The Tom Joyner Morning Show: Right Back At Cha!" }
if (hh >= 9 && hh <= 14) {show = "Carl T"}
if (hh >=14 && hh <= 20) {show = "George Fisher"}
if (hh >=20 && hh <= 22) {show = "Chief Chris Omigee & Momanite Nurse"}
if (hh >=22 && hh <= 24) {show = "House Party"}
} //End of Saturday Shows

if (dy == 0) { //Sunday Shows
if (hh >= 5 && hh <= 10) {show = "Porshe Evans (Gospel)"}
if (hh >=10 && hh <= 12) {show = "The Cravins Brothers Zydeco and Info Show with Charles & Donald Cravins"}
if (hh >=12 && hh <= 17) {show = "George Fisher"}
if (hh >=17 && hh <= 21) {show = "Dr. Boogie Live"}

document.getElementById("dj").innerHTML = "On air next: " + show;

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This is javascript, try the javascript forum if you need help with it. Also, please use [ CODE ] tags.

sorry im lost i am trying my hardnes

I don't really see any trying at all in this thread, just a lot of begging for someone to write a script for you.

I believe it's been made pretty clear that it will not happen that way.

Mange to get aother scipit from a friend but it will not let me add any times and dj names ect on it is there a code i have to delete so it works?

<title>Time Display</title>

<script type="text/javascript">

function DisplayTIME() {

var currentTime = new Date();
var dayname = currentTime.getDay()
var hours = currentTime.getHours();

var nd = new Date();
nd = nd.getTimezoneOffset(); 
var offset = Math.floor(nd / 60);
var nextTime = (hours + offset) % 24 +2; 
if (nextTime < 10) {nextTime = "0" + nextTime} 
var message = "at ";
if (offset == 0) {
message += nextTime + ':00 GMT'
else {
message += nextTime + ':00'
document.getElementById('yourdivid').innerHTML = '<p>'+message+'<p>';


<body onload = "DisplayTIME()">

<div id="yourdivid">schedule</div>

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LISTEN - this is java-bloody-script. Go to the javascript forum if you want help with it. Stop wasting everybody's time with this. This is a PHP forum. If you don't know what PHP is, go and read up about it.

> Mange to get aother scipit from a friend but it will not let me add any times ...

No, you've just copied a piece of script from another forum with no idea what it does and you expect someone to hand you an answer.

I think you've wasted enough of everyone's time with this. Thread closed.