I just revamped a website and rather experimented including absolutely all <head > contents within a single .php file, including google analytics.

But I am a little confused now reading the analytics for my website and I wonder if google analytics, being fed to all the pages from a common php file, is still able to recognize the different pages of the website.

Is it? or should I paste the block of analytics code inside every webpage instead of feeding it from a php file?

Sorry for some people this question looks like it insists upon itself, but other times people ask me to be "more specific".

Thank you for your help!

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PHP is server-side code.
You can write your client-side javascript google analytics code in to PHP file and print to the browser(client-side):


<?php echo '<script>google analytics code here</script>'; ?>


<!-- YOUR HTML code here -->
<?php require_once 'analytics.php'; ?>

Note: the place of google analytics javascript must be before </body>, to emulate window.onLoad() functionality

Awesome, thank you!!!

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