I would like to sharpen my PHP skills on coding web sites. Is there some web site templates which are ready for coding so I can make them functional without touching HTML or CSS?

I am not very good with HTML and CSS, I find free templates like this all over the internet, but I always have to change them and add eg. registration or log in forms, and invent what pages should be visible while logged out and other stuff.

If someone knows where templates like this can be found, I would be very very grateful :)

or some other nice way to practice PHP coding with web sites making.

And btw, how many of you developers now CSS? It's not really related to PHP so I know it at vary basic level

You can't practice web site coding without HTML :)
And CSS is needed for good styling.
So you will need to learn them while learning PHP.
The PHP code is the one which do processes but the out code is always the HTML (browsers read HTML not PHP).

If you want to practice I think you will do it best with making sample pages with different functions.

If you are really new at PHP, search at the web for any PHP lessons as(create user system with PHP, upload with PHP, and other like those), you will find out a huge base of lessons all over the net.

learn html and css first before php.

I can become a pro in PHP and still know HTML at basic level ;)
And someone else can do CSS,
but I will try to learn it a little bit better anyway