I simply want to forward a request of one servlet to another servlet. Authentication Servlet gets a request from a jsp page and thus authenctication servlet passes the request to another Addtocart servlet.
AuthenticationServlet Code:

RequestDispatcher rd= request.getRequestDispatcher("/Addtocart");
        rd.forward(request, response);

Addtocart servlet code:

String pid = request.getParameter("txtproductid") ;
        String pname = request.getParameter("txtproductname");
        String pprice = request.getParameter("txtproductprice");

However not the desired output I suppose some problem in my code... Do rectify it!!! thank you in advance

RequestDispatcher rd= request.getRequestDispatcher("/Addtocart");

I think it should have been

RequestDispatcher rd= request.getRequestDispatcher("Addtocart");