If i turned OFF in php.ini file
magic_quotes_gpc = Off;

my code is working finely, when by using unserialize.

Problem here:
If i turned ON in php.ini file
magic_quotes_gpc = On;

echo "<br>";
	 echo "<table>";
         echo "<tr><td><b>confirm</b></td><td><a href='test.php?cname=confirm&cid=".base64_encode($id)."&code=".base64_encode($pcode)."&pname=".serialize($name)."'>Confirm</a></td>";
          echo "</table>";

($name is an array).Not unserialised--problem here


unserialize is not happening.please help me out thanks

Change the code




hi, thanks can you tell me the usage of clean_slweg function.

Am facing the following error, if i use clean_slweg()

Fatal error: Call to undefined function clean_slweg() in C:\xampp\htdocs\test.php on line 538

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I think clean_slweg() is either a typo or a custom function.

@divyakrishnan - where did you get this? Any documentation for it?