In my full program. I managed to finish my own thesis project from a certain bookshop company.
It's features has:
1.) CMS ( Catalog, Gross Revenue, Number of Users, Number of Orders, Contact details of customers, Multiple admin Accounts, update-able Currency Foreign Exchange (from Oanda.com), paypal module, one-to-one and one-to-many messaging service (thru smtp), facebook like, twitter twit, RSS feeds, newsletter, loaclization, inventory, order listing detailss, product and catalogs, and so on that is necessary for a complete CMS.

2.) customer page has products, paypal, cash on delivery, my account, log-in sign-out, facebook like, twitter twits, RSS Feed, newsletter, About Us, Contact Us, account History, and so on that is neccessary for that page.

Now I'm going to test now on a webhost but the problem is.... it's so expensive. are there any of you knows free php webhosting sites with this features. and by the way on the page of product add. admin must have to upload the product image. so can some body tell if there is/ are free PHP server webhost that is for mu program?

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Hi i suggest Heliohost.org for you . i have used it for more than 2 years now and it was amazing & it has everything you need and its free .

I'm not sure to which server should I go. but I selected stevie. but why does it took 1 day to acces the cpanel and 2 days to show on the web?


There are free hosting services such as http://www.freehosting.com/ I haven't used them so I don't know if they are any good but if you just want to try your site on a server, they are probably good enough.

No, in the end they will require you to pay for them

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