I'm pretty new with PHP and I learned how to pass parameters with GET in the beggining and stuck with this way, what I do now is this-
<a href="page.php?parameter1=value&parameter2=value"></a>
but I'm not comfortable with it.
1. because it makes me uneasy that everyone can see the url and understand what I'm passing, I don't think the users should see such things, it should be transparent like in POST.
2. people can easily type the URL and put whatever value they feel like it for any parameter and mess things up, go where they shouldn't and do other evil things!

so I noticed that in many sites the urls look like mine but also seen some where the URL looks a bit different.
for example, on 1 page I have a list with pagination, so when clicking to go to page 2 the URL shows this-

but on that other site when I go to it's page 2 I see this-
I thought that the slash comes between folders to show the path to the file and not to separate parameters..so can someone explain this to me?
cuz I really like how clean this looks and not everyone can figure out what the numbers mean.

also I'd like to know if it's possible to pass hidden values like in POST.

thank you