This question is in regards to the little dynamic image that you can link to in your Daniweb profile (see profile page, bottom right).

I was curious how Daniweb is set up to dynamically create these images. I would like to do something similar on my site. Could Dani share some code here? Please?

it was on daniweb database (i guess) that every avatar has its own id.

I was referring to the linked image that you can place on other web pages or blogs. It appears that Dani has a standard image background which dynamically gets changed with your username and member rank (or post count) etc..

So my question is how can you cause the link (example one below), to make the jpg image get overlayed with user related data and then displayed as one image?

<a href=""><img
border="0" alt="tawboiid has contributed to DaniWeb"
width="120" height="90" /></a>

I was hoping the link above would show the image I am talking about, but it doesn't. You can see your own by going to your profile and looking in the bottom right corner. I am not talking about avatars.